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        Product name: Glyoxal 


        Type: Glyoxal
        Product introduction:
        Chemical name: Glyoxal
        Alias: Qxalie aldehyde
        Structural formula:

        Molecular formula: C2H2O2
        Molecular weight: 58.04
        Physical and chemical properties: low Chroma or colorless Transparent liquid , Density1.265-1.270, Miscible with Water, slightly soluble in Alcohol, ether, insoluble in esters, aromatic solvent. Chemically active, Glyoxal solution in Water is  Water combined form.
        Quality standard (Enterprise standard)
        Index Name Unit Top grade First grade
        Chroma Pt-Co Colorimetric unit ≤ 色號 10# 20#
        Glyoxal ≥ %  40±0.5 40±0.5
        Acid content (as Formic acid) ≤% 0.1 0.15
        Aldehyde content (as Formaldehyde) ≤% 0.1 0.2
        Glycol ≤% 1.0 1.5
        Metal ions PPM 5 10
        Uses: Glyoxal is a broader Uses fine chemical products, mainly used in chemical pharmaceutical, paper, spices, coatings, adhesives, household chemicals, etc., which can be used directly to produce imidazole. 2-methylimidazole, glyoxylate, p-hydroxyphenyl acetic acid, hydroxy cellulose, finishing agent of textile goods and anti-wrinkle DP resin, paper additives.
        Storage and transportation: sealed, avoid insolation, do not contact with air, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, storage and transportation according to general chemicals.