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        Product name: Benzyl alcohol 
        Type: Benzyl alcohol
        Product introduction:

        Physical properties

        Appearance & properties: colorless liquid, aromatic smell.
        Melting point (℃): -15.3
        Relative Density (Water = 1): 1.04 (25 ℃)
        Boiling point (℃): 205.7
        Vapor Density (Air = 1): 3.72
        Relative Density (Water = 1): 1.0419
        Molecular formula: C7H8O
        Molecular weight: 108.13
        Saturation vapor pressure (kPa): 0.13 (58 ℃)
        Flash point (℃): 100
        Ignition temperature (℃): 436
        Solubility: soluble in Water, soluble in alcohol, ether, aromatics.
        Solubility: 4 ^ 17g / 100ml (Water in)
        Refractive index: 1.5396
        CAS: 100-51-6
        Chemical Properties

        By oxidation or dehydrogenation reaction of benzaldehyde. Hydrogenation may generate toluene, bibenzyl or methylcyclohexane, cyclohexyl methanol. The esterification reaction with carboxylic acid to form the corresponding ester. Zinc chloride, boron trifluoride there is no Water boric acid or phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid, the condensation of synthetic resin substance.