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        Product name: 2,2'-azobis[2-methylpropionamidine] dihydrochloride 

        Type: 2,2'-azobis[2-methylpropionamidine] dihydrochloride
        Product introduction:
        Chemical name: 2,2'-azobis[2-methylpropionamidine] dihydrochloride
        Abbr.: AIBA or AAPH

        Features: Water-soluble initiator
        10h half-life decomposition temperature: 56 ℃ (in Water)
        Molecular formula: C8H20N6Cl2
        Structural formula:

        CAS#: 2997-92-4
        Appearance: white crystalline powder
        Purity: ≥98% (HPLC)
        Melting point: 170-175 ℃
        Activation energy: 124KJ / mol
        Solubility: soluble in Water, methanol, Water solution of acid; insoluble in toluene
        Uses: mainly used for high-molecular cationic polymer initiator, such as polymeric phosphorus polymaleic acid Water treatment agent (PPMA), and diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (DMDAAC) homo- and DMDAAC with propylene amide (AM) of the copolymer (product of cationic flocculant PDA) and the like.
        Packing Transportation: 20kg / cardboard (carton), according to customer needs.
        Risk Class: Class 4.2 UN Number: 3088 Packing Group: II
        Storage conditions: away from light, temperature <40 ℃.